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                                                                               ~ Fr. John D. Terzano

     A Time of Remembering and Sharing

With Thanksgiving comes a time of remembering and sharing collectively and individually. We remember our roots as a nation. We remember family and individuals seeking a better life and freedom from oppression. A story repeated by each new wave of pilgrims. There were struggles, failures and successes. Today it is the same. The year 2020 a year like no other is quickly closing and the New Year 2021 will soon dawn with hopes and dreams to become new memories. In between the old and the new, there is remembering of this past year, our part in it, a remembering in the midst of cultural and faith traditions. In the midst of this is the sense to give back and share. May these thoughts be our guide as we are encouraged to assist the many in need. May our prayer this Thanksgiving be made with an awareness that the gifts of love of the Almighty are countless, and so that filled with gratitude for such overwhelming kindness, our hearts are moved to share these gifts in loving service for every man, women, and child.

You are invited to Thanksgiving Day Mass at Mother of Sorrows at 8:30am and on YouTube

                                                                                                                   ~ Fr. John D. Terzano

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Mission Statement

We, the parishioners of Mother of Sorrows Parish, established in 1882, Christ-centered and empowered by the Holy Spirit, dedicate ourselves to serve the needs of all by liturgical worship and parish ministries.


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